Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What Payday Castle does?

We are a famous online loan matching service provider. We work as a mediator only that fills gap between you and the lender. We offer commendable loan comparison facility that enables you to get hold on the most soothing financial deal that suit your requirements efficiently.

What is the process to register with you?

It is a matter of few minutes to get started with us. All you need is to fill in a simple and short online registration form with the necessary details and submit it. The form will be processed by all trustful lenders participating in our network and they will give quick response on your loan request.

How much registration fee do you charge?

Our entire online registration process is completely free. You can enjoy easy loan borrowing experience through us at absolutely free.

I need more information. What should I do?

For more information, queries, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact us at any time. We serve round the clock assistance. You can reach out to us from anywhere online.

Who all can apply?

As long as you are a citizen of Canada, holds a valid active bank account under your name, have minimum age of eighteen years and also a permanent resident of Canada you are definitely eligible to apply.

What maximum amount a payday loan offers?

Upon approval of payday loans you are free to gain easy financial help that ranges from $100 to $1,000. The loaned money is needed to repay within short repayment tenure of 2 to 4 weeks.

How to use approved loan amount?

Lenders will not interfere on how you want to spend borrowed money on. You are free to take care of all your unexpected expenditures like payment for pending home rent, handling small home or car repair expense, pay for outstanding bank overdraft, covering child's education fees and more.

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