We at PaydayCastle respect your privacy. For the same reason, we have employed a series of advanced security measures to safeguard your personal information.

All the personal details that you provide while submitting the loan application will remain safe with us. It will not be disclosed to a third party, unless so instructed by a legal authority.

We have employed Secure Socket Layers and such other required security measures to ensure utmost protection. We assure you that we will make use of your personal identifiable information exclusively for the purpose of fetching suitable loan deals. We will never share or misuse your personal information.

Accurate personal data help us is serving your need in a better way. PaydayCastle discuss your personal situation with our team of efficient lenders. PaydayCastle have been associating with them for so many years now and from our experience we have absolute trust in their ability to come up with tailored deals in a short period of time.You may come across a few links in our website that lead to third party sites. We are in no way responsible for their content or privacy policy.

PaydayCastle request you to review their privacy policy thoroughly before exploring their pages further or making use of their services. Their privacy code is quite different from ours and their privacy statements are not applicable to us as well.We do make use of log files. However, information thus collected through log files will be used exclusively to collect demographic information. If you intend to disable these cookies, you are free to do so by using your particular browser options. We do update our privacy policy. PaydayCastle do make changes in our privacy statements as and when we incorporate new loan deals or enhance the reach of existing loan services. We hope you will keep track of all such changes by visiting our website at regular intervals.

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