Privacy Policy

Payday Castle is a mediator that successfully bridge gap between you and the lender. This website offer its fabulous loan comparison services at free of cost. If you are wondering whether it is safe to share your personal details while searching for a decent loan deal in crisis, then you must read our privacy carefully beforehand using our services. It will explain you about why we collect and how we use your personal and non-personal identifiable information. We will put in our best efforts to help you search, compare and find the most suitable loan plan that suit your requirements perfectly. Our main goal is to make your loan borrowing experience easy and smooth. We give utmost importance to maintain your privacy. We are very serious about keeping your personal information safe, intact and secure. We will never ever disclose or share your personal details with any third or outside parties.

Know what personal information we collect-

By personal information we mean knowing about your identity and understand what you are looking for. This will further enable us to forward your details to our team of trusted lenders for finding best financial solution. We may collect your basic personal and financial details like your name, address, contact number, email address, date or birth, citizenship status, employment information and bank account details.

Know how we use your personal identifiable information-

The sole purpose of collecting your personal details only to be matched with multiple renowned lenders in our network, so that we can able to find a decent loan offer for you at competitive rates and terms. We respect your privacy and we use your personal information only to build strong relation with you and also to bridge gap between you and the lender. We may also use your details for marketing and promotional purposes. We assure you that we will delete all your details from our system completely once you find the right lender for you.

Know what non-personal identifiable information we collect-

At Payday Castle we will also collect some of your non-personal identifiable information straightaway from your computer by the use cookies. This may include your IP address, your browser type and language, your keyword searches, areas you visited on the site, your first and last page visit, links you have browse while on the site, your access times etc.

Know how we use your non-personal identifiable details-

The purpose behind collecting your non-personal identifiable details is just to know about how our website is been used by the visitors. We will also use your browsing details to know about your browsing actions and pattern, so that we can send you newsletters from time to time about products and services of your interest.

Know about changes in privacy policy-

At Payday Castle we believe in improvising our services and to provide better working experience to our customers. For such purpose we do modifications and changes in our privacy policy at any time, with no prior notification. We encourage you to review all changes every time you visit us online to stay updated.